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SMS for lunch (Cannes 2007)

giugno 26, 2007

Geniale trovata per questo vincitore a Cannes 2007 nella categoria promo. Un bambino vi guarda dal computer (è solo un filmato, non vi preoccupate!) con un piatto vuoto davanti mentre un banner vi invita a inviare un sms per aiutarlo. Non appena parte il vostro sms il sistema aggiorna il video e il bambino, sorridente e con il piatto pieno davanti vi ringrazia per la donazione. Un modo davvero efficace per mostrare quanto una nostra donazione possa fare la differenza!

Sms for lunch

Entrant Company, City: SHIMONI FINKELSTEIN DRAFT FCB, Tel Aviv
Country: ISRAEL
Sales Promotion/Advertising Agency, City: SHIMONI FINKELSTEIN DRAFT FCB, Tel Aviv
Country: ISRAEL


‘Meals for Children’, a part of MEIR PANIM charity organization, delivers hot lunches to 10,000 needy children, daily. The brief was to carry their message to broader audience, encourage people to an immediate action and cover the cost of at least one meal.



We chose a pragmatic approach: illustrate what it feels like to give one child, one meal. The idea was to set up a ‘meeting’ with one child, and provide an immediate feedback to the action (your donation). A unique platform, integrating web and mobile technologies, enabled such meeting: A boy is seen, facing an empty plate, looking like waiting for something to happen. The copy invites you to donate, through SMS. The moment the system receives your SMS – the banner changes immediately: the plate fills and the boy smiles. Each sms covers the cost of one meal.


Watching the boy’s face and plate, change before your eyes, and realizing your SMS has actually done it, makes the difference. Providing an immediate reward, plus imitating a web game feel, contributed to the motivation to act. Furthermore, this idea has successfully removed a classic obstacle from the way: the confirmation SMS, along with the full plate and the boys’ smile is somewhat reassuring, as for where your money really goes.


The idea was a success even before the launch. Major websites agreed to host our banner for free and all cellular operators provided their service pro bono. Early results have exceeded client’s expectation. (campaign launched in April) The client, still adapting to the new techy flavor of his campaign, is overwhelmed by the opportunity to utilize digital media for raising funds.

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  1. chiara permalink
    luglio 5, 2007 8:27 am

    Questa è davvero fantastica come iniziativa!!!!!!!
    Il tuo blog è davvero prezioso! 🙂

  2. luglio 5, 2007 8:31 pm

    grazie mille chiara per i complimenti… onorato 🙂

  3. ahmed travol permalink
    aprile 15, 2009 9:53 am

    l have liked your idea.nice and lovely???

  4. maggio 8, 2010 4:38 pm

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